To reduce your weight, it is not necessary to live only on celery. Eat everything you want. The main thing – break the meal for five or six meals and snack in small portions. This uncomplicated style experts called the tricky word greasing.

What is the problem

To lose weight is usually very difficult, because you have to follow a certain diet. A debilitating diet makes you live in a state of constant hunger. The proceeds come greasing – a special food system and a great way to contain hunger, do not consume food in large portions.

Greasing: what is it?

Greasing is a system of separate food, when during the day you have to take food in small portions several times a day at regular intervals. When eaten often, the body does not feel hunger, meanwhile, the level of metabolism and energy increases, a certain rhythm of metabolism is established, which affects the loss of excess weight. If, by force of circumstances or at will, a person does not consume food for a long time, the body has to switch to energy saving mode.

Greasing: you need to know the rules

Stop chewing anything that comes to your arm. What is available for a snack first? Sweets, rolls, seeds, biscuits. All these products contain a lot of calories, and nutritional value – the most miserable. Also in these products is high in carbohydrates, but there is absolutely no fiber and protein. To get rid of excess weight with the help of greasing, it is necessary to show discipline and assimilate new standards of nutrition.

In the refrigerator – only the food is healthy. To consume in food it is necessary small portions, but in this case preference should be given to nutritious, low-calorie products in which there is not too much salt and sugar. The basis of the diet should be:

  • turkey or chicken fillet;
  • a fish;
  • lean beef;
  • eggs;
  • dairy low-fat products;
  • fruit;
  • whole-grain products;
  • vegetables;
  • beans.

These products are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and protein that allow you to satiate and feel “perfectly”.

Breakfast is compulsory

A lot of people go to work without having breakfast, which has a disastrous effect on the state of the body. If you do not want a crumb in the morning, it’s enough to eat an ordinary banana. The optimal breakfast should consist of a portion of oatmeal with yoghurt or milk and fruit. Note: when the day starts with bread and coffee, throughout the day you want to try unhealthy food.

Time factor

You need to eat every two or three hours during the day. In the lunchtime a piece of whole grain bread and a little fried turkey, a cucumber salad, tomato and cabbage are enough.

Have to limit snacks

Limit snacks

Take for the rule: a snack between meals is allowed no more than two times during the day. As a snack, yoghurt and berries are great.

Prepare for the working week in advance

It is worth highlighting a couple of hours on the weekend, to prepare a meal for a few days ahead. You can, for example, cook a few chicken breasts, unclean rice, chop vegetable stew. The products are laid out in courts and frozen in the same container. As necessary, defrost the ready lunch in the microwave. Buy nuts like cashmere and peanuts, dried fruits, for example, dried apricots and prunes, vegetables and fruits. This will serve as a snack. Watch for the variety of your diet, otherwise your body will rebel and begin to gain weight.

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