Good afternoon! Today’s article is addressed, mostly to women, because often they have to take care of the proper nutrition of their men. But we will not just talk about proper nutrition, but a diet that is vital for people who have heart problems.

Under problems with the heart, we mean CHD (coronary heart disease) and actually Infarction. Unfortunately, for today, this is a very common disease. And again, my dear, even this diagnosis is not a verdict (I say from my own experience). If you get it right on time, you can control everything.

We will proceed from the fact that you have already been diagnosed and how unfortunate it is, dear and beloved person is trying to understand how this could have happened, because nothing seemed to foretell anything. Well, you think last week you argued with your boss and was nervous all the time, so the character is stronger from the same. Or the other day there was some strange feeling of anxiety, and for some reason it was thought how fast the time flies and it became a bit colder in the chest. And yesterday suddenly began to break my teeth, and in the evening going into the apartment, it was difficult to raise my hand to turn on the light. But what, you tell me, all this has to do with the heart, where the teeth and hand, and where the heart. Oh, yes, we still forgot that all week, in the mornings, suddenly began to cough, sort of weakly, croaked only and all.

Alas, ah, all this is the symptoms of IHD and the approaching heart attack. Once you have felt something like this (unless of course it is connected with other obvious diseases and the symptoms manifest simultaneously), I advise you to turn first to the therapist, who in turn will send a cardiogram, and she will tell you whether to start worrying, or you lucky and have time to monitor your health and nutrition.

So, all those incomprehensible to the common man, peaks on the cardiogram with unshakable confidence, showed the presence of a heart attack, and the doctor calls a cardiobrigue. We go to the hospital. The picture is certainly sad, but there is no time to cry in the vest of the time, we must act. We roll up our sleeves and forward, firstly we remove the frying pans in the far corner, we throw out butter, sharp spices, smoked products, marinades and pickles from the refrigerator. Yes, yes, yes, we throw and forget about them.

And the main thing to forget is the whole family, because otherwise the result will be lamentable. Actually, nothing terrible, all these cakes, smoked meats and marinades do not bring anything useful to our organisms, you will agree. Your first task is to exclude from the food and life of the ill all that can give a load on the heart. Oily and heavy food, in order to digest it requires just the titanic efforts of the whole body, and therefore, to distil the blood of the heart should be twice as fast. Salty and smoked food delays the body’s water, increased kidney work is another uppercut for the heart.

Cigarettes are just a guillotine for an unhappy heart. At the first puffs, heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, blood condenses, and you do not have time to recover, as blood clots begin to form. After all, nicotine has already thinned the walls of the vessels, in the places of destruction these blood clots and like to nest. Then overgrow with cholesterol, thicken, and your vessel is already clogged. Send blood with oxygen to the heart no longer can. This is where the problem lies, so our task is to strengthen the vessels, remove the unpleasant cholesterol from the body (not to be confused with the useful, necessary for the structure of cells) to saturate the blood with liquid and oxygen.

  • Actually you already know what you need to include in the diet
  • We reduce the proportion of animal fats (what I was talking about butter)
  • We reduce the amount of salt in the body (so as not to retain liquids and not to provoke pressure)
  • We follow the caloric content of the food (your heart will not thank you for the extra kilos)
  • We eat a little, but often
  • Scrupulously count the amount of liquid drunk, up to one and a half liters per day (remember about the kidneys and the need to distill the blood)
  • You say, what is it, it is impossible, it is impossible, but what to eat? A legitimate outrage, she was indignant.

And we will now feed on what:

  1. Soups on vegetable broth, with small pieces of meat (we cook meat very well, to reduce the time of digestion in the stomach).
  2. Porridges on the water with the addition of vegetable oil, it is better of course olive, but here everyone is measuring himself, the use of the heart and harm to the wallet.
  3. Very much now we must love the fish, but the fish is not simple, but sea fish, for it contains more omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids (by the way, there are still a lot of them in vegetable oils). We naturally do not fry fish, but bake it, or soar. For it is these acids that do not allow the cholesterol to adhere to the blood clots, and it clings to the walls of the vessels.
  4. Further we include in the diet more vegetables and fruits, their dietary fibers will help to get rid of bad cholesterol as soon as possible, the blood is filtered, and all toxins along with them will be eliminated from the body.

Caring for the heart

Yes, I almost forgot, try not to use products that excite the nervous system, well, there is strong tea, coffee, mushroom soups (yes, unfortunately, and their) spicy dishes.

As the hero of the story told Strugatskikh Kamnoydov: “Here in such a whip acepte gentlemen” is approximately and worth eating. That this diet gives results, you will not understand right away, and most likely the outrage of the household will not be the limit, but in the end, I assure you, the result will be. There is a lot of work to be done, the benefits of dieting, it’s not a matter of one day, and perhaps more than one month. But the body will rest and come to life, about a year (provided that you adhere to the recommendations of doctors, and take medications that help strengthen the vessels and heal the heart muscle). The cardiogram will relentlessly delight you. Peaks will cease to be a nightmare, and the cardiologist will gladly give you good news at every subsequent meeting.

The main thing is not to give up, and follow the plan, everything will turn out for you. Everyone will say: “Did you have a heart attack, but you can be sent to space”

Take care of yourself and be well!

Always with you is your assistant in matters of health Mrs. House.

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